Rare diseases in ophthalmology (OPHTARA)

French national reference center for rare diseases in ophthalmology (OPHTARA)

logo OPHTARAdrapeau françaisThe constitutive site of the reference center for rare diseases in ophthalmology (OPHTARA) located at the Georges-Pompidou european hospital (HEGP) is a structure attached to the HEGP’s ophthalmology functional unit. It relies on the technical platform of this functional unit for carrying out additional ophthalmological examinations, and in particular the carrying out of visual fields, OCTs and electrophysiological examinations, necessary to obtain the most precise diagnosis possible and, possibly therapeutic solutions or compensation for visual impairment.

The technical platform of the university hospital center such as the HEGP allows the constitutive center to rely on the presence of all the medical and surgical specialties as well as on a complete radiology and biology technical platform for the exploration and the care of rare ophthalmological pathologies with general repercussions.

In addition to a consultation activity, this constitutive center has a day hospitalisation dedicated to the exploration and care of patients with Wolfram syndrome and WFS1 gene mutations.

This constitutive center is particularly oriented towards the care of patients with rare neuro-ophthalmological pathologies: hereditary optic neuropathies or nystagmus as well as retinal degeneration such as Leber congenital amaurosis or retinitis pigmentosa.

This center also provides the adolescent-adult transition for patients who want it and were followed in pediatric ophthalmology services because of their rare pathology.

In addition, due to the collaborations established with other reference centers or constitutive centers of the HEGP and surrounding university hospitals, this center also deals with the care and monitoring of ophthalmological complications of rare general pathologies such as sickle cell disease, pseudoxanthoma elasticum or Von Hippel Lindau disease, this list is not exhaustive.

Finally, the constitutive center of the OPHTARA reference center located on the HEGP is linked to many patient associations.

This reference center is affiliated with the SENSGENE rare diseases healthcare network and the EYE European reference networks (ERN).

Medical team

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Dr Christophe Orssaud

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The main missions of the OPHTARA constitutive center are :

  • To ensure the diagnosis, care and follow-up of patients in order to propose therapeutic solutions or compensation for visual impairment to improve the daily lives of patients. Collaboration with patient associations is essential and several of them work regularly with the center. In addition, the center is involved in the « adolescent-adult » transition for patients with rare pathologies who were followed in pediatric hospitals.
  • To improve knowledge of rare pathologies treated in the context of clinical research.
  • To participate and develop therapeutic trial protocols.
  • To spread good practices to healthcare professionals who may be involved in caring for these patients.
  • To ensure the dissemination of knowledge concerning their pathology to patients and caregivers. This action is also carried out in conjunction with patient associations through written or filmed documents as well as through the establishment of a TPE.
  • Dr Christophe Orssaud – Ophthalmologist, head of the reference center
  • Morgane Tison – Orthopedist
  • Florence Boudoux – Nurse
  • Marie Claude Ladoux – Caregiver
  • Living with Wolfram and Wolfram-Like Syndrome (Ongoing)


  • Study of the efficacy of befizal® 200 mg in the treatment of Leber’s hereditary optic neuropathy (Ended)
  • Non-interventional Study of Clinical Experience in Patients Prescribed Raxone® for the Treatment of Leber’s Hereditary Optic
    Neuropathy (LHON)” PAROS (Ended)
  • Treatwolfram (Ongoing)
  • Audiowolf (Ongoing)

The constitutive center also participates as an ophthalmological referent in numerous studies and protocols relating to neurodegenerative pathologies.



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  • SFO Mai 2019 Paris Poster : Abnormalities of the macular vascularization in patients with sickle cell disease. Study in OCTA
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  • SFO Mai 2019 Paris Poster : Comparison of papillary OCT and OCTA data in different hereditary optic neuropathies.
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  • SFO Mai 2019 Paris Poster : Myasthénies chez l’enfant / Paediatric Myasthenia.
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    C. Orssaud

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