Sickle cell disease

French national reference center for major sickle cell syndromes and other rare pathologies of the red blood cell and erythropoiesis

drapeau françaisLogo Drepano HEGPOur internal medicine department at the Georges-Pompidou European hospital was certified as an expert center in 2008 in order to improve the management of adult patients with sickle cell disease in western Paris as well as other rare diseases of the red blood cell and erythropoiesis : G6PD deficiency, hereditary spherocytosis, thalassemia, etc.

It allows, among other things, to ensure the transition of the pediatric cohort of the Necker hospital of approximately 600 patients.

Professor Jean-Benoît Arlet has been responsible for the reference center since 2008.

Logo sickle cell center HEGPThe center develops fundamental research projects (at the Imagine laboratory, Necker), but also epidemiological and therapeutic trials on new treatments.

A therapeutic education program is very active to support patients and their families. Expert patients and patient associations are integrated into our team with the aim of constantly improving care.

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2022 world sickle cell day

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2021 world sickle cell day

Medical team


Pr Jean-Benoît Arlet

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Phone. +33 1 56 09 53 41

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The missions of the center are :

  • Caring for sickle cell patients in crisis in the emergency room and in hospitalization.
  • Constantly improve the quality of patient care and their quality of life : reception, speed of care, particularly in emergencies, comprehensive care, listening …
  • Prevent and treat chronic complications of red blood cell diseases (including sickle cell disease) in consultation and day hospitalization.
  • To be a referral center for complex diagnoses of red blood cell diseases (membrane diseases, enzymatic, etc.), complex anemias, and their management.
  • Find innovative ways to improve patient care: therapeutic education (TPE) ; improvement of the hospital setting ; technical solution to improve the perfusion of sickle cell patients, transfusions, compliance with disease-modifying treatments; patient involvement in our meetings, therapeutic and research protocols; involvement of new actors in care (volunteers, patient visitors and hospital schools for example, associations), website, social networks…
  • Training of doctors and paramedics in red blood cell diseases
  • Develop therapeutic education
  • Improving the child-adult transition
  • Raise awareness of these diseases among the general public and health actors
  • Organize the medico-social care of these diseases
  • Research mission: Advance knowledge of the physiopathology of hemoglobinopathies with the aim of rapid therapeutic benefits for patients.
  • Clinical, epidemiological and basic research.

Pr Jean-Benoît Arlet

Photo Pr Brigitte Ranque Drepano HEGP

Pr Brigitte Ranque

photo identité homme

Dr Geoffrey Cheminet

Photo Dr Edouard Flamarion Drepano HEGP

Dr Edouard Flamarion

photo identité homme

Dr Emmanuel Lafont

Photo Dr Adrien Michon Drepano HEGP

Dr Adrien Michon

Photo Anne Corbasson

Anne Corbasson
Coordinating nurse, TPE, research

Carole Barthélémy
TPE referring nurse

Marie Charmettan
TPE referring nurse

photo identité homme

Djiry Niakate
TPE referring caregiver

Photo Tong Drepano

Evelyne Tong
TPE referring caregiver

Marie Bernard

Mélissa Alègre

Amélie Mière Perrin
Social worker

Photo Khimoud Drepano

Djamal Khimoud
Clinical research assistant

Photo Namaoui Drepano

Walid Namaoui
Clinical research assistant

Photo Akpamoli Drepano

Eniade Akpamoli

Photo Bakhtaoui Drepano

Anissa Bakhtaoui

Hadji Dem

Photo Isabelle Leon drepano

Isabelle Léon

Cinnamone Manjakavelo

Logo ETP Drepano HEGP EvadPublic : People with sickle cell disease from the age of 16, followed in the service, as well as their carers.

Contact at HEGP : Anne Corbasson

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  • Oxyckle (2017 national PHRC) : Oxygen therapy for the management of vaso-occlusive crises in adult patients with sickle-cell disease : a multicenter, double blind, placebo controlled randomized trial – Ongoing
  • DREPARIC (2017 national PHRC) : Attenuated conditioning genoidentical transplantation in adult sickle cell disease – Ongoing
  • MOOD (2018 national PHRC) : Analgesia with MethOxyflurane in the Initial Management of VasoOCclusive Sickle Cell Crises in the Emergency Room – Ongoing
  • DREPADO (coordination Lyon, PREPS 2017) : Impact of a pediatric-adult transition program on the health status of adolescents with sickle cell disease: a randomized controlled trial – Ongoing
  • Agios laboratory : Phase 2/3 multicenter, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study to evaluate the efficacy of Mitapivat in patients with sickle cell disease – Start of inclusion summer 2022
  • STAND (Novartis laboratory) : Study of two doses of crizanlizumab versus placebo in adolescent and adult sickle cell disease patients – Ongoing, completed inclusions
  • PERFID : Assisting peripheral PERFusion by infrared venous illumination in the sickle cell patient in crisis: A randomized open-label controlled study – Ongoing, inclusions completed by March 2022
  • SIKAMIC (Addmedica laboratory) : SIklos on Kidney function and AlbuMInuria Clinical trial) : étude de phase 3 internationale, Multicentre randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study to evaluate the effect on albuminuria of 6 months treatment with hydroxycarbamide (Siklos®) or a placebo in adults with sickle cell disease – Ongoing, still open in 2022



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  • Organization of the Francophone International Forum on Sickle Cell Disease in African Countries (FIFDA) every year since 2021 bringing together more than 500 doctors from Europe and Africa (
  • National Sickle Cell Day at Tenon Hospital 20 min. Therapeutic news in sickle disease Pr JB ARLET 20 min 200 people
  • Paris hospitals medical society day :
    – Prevalence and pathophysiology of sickle cell disease. Pr JB ARLET 30 min 80 people
    – Management of sickle cell disease in Africa 30 Min Pr B Ranque 80 people
    – Transfusion indication Pr JB Arlet 30 min 80 people
  • Association between erythrocyte microparticles and sickle cell vasculopathy in sub-Saharan Africa: Abdoul Karim DEMBELE, Claudine LAPOUMEROULIE, Mor DIA*, Oumarou TESSOUGUE, Lucile OFFREDO, Dapa DIALLO, Saliou DIOP, Jacques ELION, Yves Colin-Aronovicz, Pierre-Louis THARAUX, Xavier JOUVEN, Marc ROMANA, Brigitte RANQUE*, Caroline LE VAN KIM*, Oral communication at the French Society of Hematology in Paris in March 2019
  • Investigation of risk factors for deterioration of renal function in patients with sickle cell disease in sub-Saharan Africa.
    Prunelle Getten, Youssef Traore, Ismael Kamara, Mourtalla Gueye, Lucile Offredo, Mor Diaw, Saliou Diop, Aissata Tolo, Karim Dembele, Dapa Diallo, Brigitte Ranque, Oral communication at the SNFMI in December 2019
  • Phenotypic differences between sickle cell patients of sub-Saharan origin born in France vs. In Africa; Honsel, B Ranque…, J.B. Arlet, Dorys sickle cell congress. Strasbourg 09/04/2019 200 people
  • Phenotypic differences between sickle cell patients of sub-Saharan origin born in France vs. In Africa ; Honsel, B Ranque…, J.B. Arlet, Congress of the SNFMI national society of internal medicine. June 6, 2019 120 people


Sickle cell disease, the most common genetic disease detected at birth, will soon be screened in all newborns.
Le Monde | 11.15.2022

Between 20,000 and 30,000 people suffer from this condition in France. The High Authority of Health now recommends a systematic neonatal screening.
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Generalized screening for sickle cell disease : « It’s important that there is this recognition » for patients and « it’s important not to miss patients, » says a doctor.
France Info | 11.18.2022

Professor Jean-Benoît Arlet, a physician at Georges-Pompidou hospital in Paris, reacts to the announcement by the Ministry of Health to extend screening for diseases at birth.
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TRIBUNE. « We call for sickle cell disease to be the great national cause of 2022 »
Le journal du dimanche | 06.19.2021

On the occasion of World Sickle Cell Day, 45 health professionals, patient associations, national and local elected officials and researchers believe that « it is time to act ». « Sickle cell disease is a forgotten disease, unknown to the general public », they regret.
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Sickle cell disease, a neglected genetic disease
Le Monde | 06/19/2019

On the occasion of the World Day, focus on an unknown condition that affects 300,000 newborns in Africa every year.
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Sickle cell disease: success of a gene therapy in the first patient treated
Le Monde | 03/01/2017

Affected by a very severe form of the disease, the teenager treated at the Necker hospital no longer has painful attacks and lives normally without transfusion.
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Sickle cell disease: « There are two big hopes, bone marrow transplantation and gene therapy »
TV5 Monde | 03/01/2017

With 150 million patients on the planet, it is the first genetic disease in the world. Sickle cell disease mainly affects black and Mediterranean people. Interview with Professor Jean-Benoît Arlet, internist at Georges Pompidou Hospital and member of the NGO Drep.Afrique.

Sickle cell disease: what progress has been made?
RFI | 19/06/2017

Today is World Sickle Cell Day, the most common genetic disease in the world. This hereditary disease, unrecognized, is transmitted to some children only if both parents are carriers of the sickle cell gene. What are the advances in treatment?
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Jean-Benoît Arlet, a French version of Dr House
Le Monde | 11/21/2016

This physician-researcher specializing in sickle cell disease organizes an annual diagnostic competition that highlights the challenges faced by internists.
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